Face it – you’re normal. A little too normal to your liking.

Even though you’ve been consistent with your diet, training, supplementation and sleep and done everything you were supposed to, you’ve still not reached your peak physique. You know you’ve got more potential, but you just don’t know how to get there.

We all know that little voice that isn’t satisfied. Normal is not the same as content.

You either don’t have as much muscle as you would like, or you can’t get rid of that last bit of body fat.

How do I know this?

It’s not that I’m psychic. I also haven’t been watching you through your window or listening in on your thoughts.

I know this because individuals who have optimised genetics and the ability to be lean and muscular all year round, don’t buy a programme like this in the first place.

We always notice them in the gym, on Instagram and in movies. The ones who can break all the rules, drink on weekends, eat braai broodjies for breakfast, do nothing but bench press or squats in the gym and just get muscular, toned, and in the best summer holiday shape all year round. It’s okay to hate them, and we probably should.

However, 90% of the population is not that lucky.

The truth is, if you are interested in this programme, you are continuing a long-held tradition of grasping at anything that might offer a solution. If at all possible, it should be easy and unobtrusive. Maybe a pill or a shake and some light cardio.

Well, I hate to be the one to tell you, but this is the truth: if it were simple and easy to become supra-normal, everyone would do it and you would see a lot more people walking around you as an example of it.

What you will encounter in this programme is not simple, and it is not easy. It’s also not magic.

I have some physiological tricks that I will introduce you to that work so well, they may seem like magic, but they’re not.

Since my biggest body part is my brain, I have used it to develop an integrated system of training and nutrition (and some supplements) that let you sidestep some of the problems that are inherent in achieving a supra-normal body.

This programme includes the most cutting-edge research available, implemented over 6 weeks, to get you from normal to optimised.

It will take hard work, no doubt, but if you want to achieve the best physical condition of your life –


This STUBBRON FAT PROGRAMME is a coaching programme designed by Keto Lifestyle® and Hendrik Marais in partnership with a Registered Dietician (RD) with one goal in mind – getting you into the best shape of your life.

Perfect for keto enthusiasts and fitness seekers, this programme blends advanced nutritional strategies with personalized fitness routines, helping you overcome plateaus and achieve peak physical condition. Experience transformative results with our expert-guided, keto-centric approach.

DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary and terms and conditions apply.





This programme is personalised and presented to you individually. Therefore, it’s not presented as a group-based coaching programme.



Before the start of the SFP protocol, you will go through a 7-day primer phase to prepare you for the workouts that lie ahead and ease you into the programme.



A unique carb cycling meal plan designed to maximise fat loss. As this programme is built on rigid scientific principles, this meal plan is strict and there is little room for variation.



Your weekly workouts are designed to complement your carb cycling schedule. You will do a variety of training modalities ranging between depletion, tension and power workouts.



A scientific protocol designed to maximise the mobilisation of lipids and melt away unwanted fat. The cardio protocol is optional and will be suggested based on your individual results and progress.



Your supplement protocol is designed to maximise strength and muscle preservation, fuel workouts and cardio sessions and mobilise lipids.



By the end of this programme, you will get the option to choose a day at which your physique will peak. Whether this is for a wedding, fitness competition, photoshoot or holiday, we’ll make sure you look at your absolute best, exactly when you need to.


So who are you, the ideal Stubborn Fat Programme (SFP) candidate?

Let’s backtrack a bit and talk about who this programme is not for. The training and dietary recommendations are not fit for someone who is just starting out.

Ideally, you want at least 3-6 months of basic training and nutrition dealt with before even considering the system used in this programme. It’s simply not for general fat loss goals. For that, my twenty-one-day keto and intermittent fasting programme is perfect.

I would prefer to work with someone who has already completed by coaching programme, at least one but preferably a few rounds. You should have a grasp on the nutrition principles in the coaching programme, and you should already be consistently hitting your daily step goal and a minimum of three 30-minute cardio sessions and three full body weight training sessions per week, or more. I recommend using the simplest approach you can until that approach stops working for you. Furthermore, SFP involves advanced training systems that are not suited for an unfit individual who does not have access to (and frequently visits) a gym.

As a male, you should have between 15-20% body fat and as a female, no more than 20-24%. Most likely, you are in a position where you want to get leaner while maintaining or even increasing muscle mass. Your motivation could range from wanting to compete in a bodybuilding contest, a special event, a photoshoot, or simply because you want to see the ultimate potential your body has to reach. Alternatively, you want to gain muscle without adding fat (or even losing some fat in the process). Perhaps you are a performance athlete like a powerlifter or endurance athlete who needs to stay lean and within a certain weight range while maintaining performance. SFP can be used for any of these goals.

As I already mentioned, you have to be exercising and follow the diet 100% for it to work. By exercise, I mean weight training. Again, if you are new to weight training, SFP is not for you. Get 3-6 months of training under the belt, such as the programme I recommend as part of my coaching programme. If you do not plan to exercise, this programme will not do you any good. In fact, it will most likely make you fatter.

You will need a reasonable amount (but not insane) of discipline and you should have a basic understanding of nutrition and diet setup. If you do not know what a protein or carbohydrate is, or how to adjust calories, you are going to be lost in this programme. That said, I try my best to provide all the information you need, but I will also make some assumptions about basic knowledge, especially that which I have already been teaching as part of my coaching programme.

If you meet this set of criteria, this programme is for you.

PS. Whilst it is true that I prefer working with clients who meet the above criteria, if you feel like you are ready to take on this challenge but you fall slightly outside of these parameters, I am not going to stop you from signing up for and attempting SFP. The take-home message is simply that it’s not necessary for the average individual who simply wants to lose weight, and that SFP might simply be too strict and difficult for you to follow as a beginner. 

If you are a beginner and you want to work your way up to SFP, sign up for my popular and very effective coaching programme here.

DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary and terms and conditions apply.

The Keto Lifestyle Stubborn Fat Programme is a facts based, science driven programme designed to get you into the best shape of your life.


But don’t delay, the R2,500 price will go up again.


DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary and terms and conditions apply.

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DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary and terms and conditions apply.


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DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary and terms and conditions apply.